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Indo-Russian Joint Research Call for Proposals 2016

Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India and Russian Foundation for Basic Research concluded an MoU for funding of Joint Research Proposals in India and Russia in the areas of Basic Science. Under this MoU each project will receive annual funding of up to equivalent of US $ 30,000 (roughly Rupees 18,00,000/-from DST to the Indian partner and up to Rbls. 18,00,000/- from RFBR to the Russian partner). 

DST and RFBR invite Indian and Russian scientists / researchers to submit proposals for Joint Research Project in the following areas of basic sciences under DST-RFBR cooperation: 

  • Fundamentals of Nuclear Sciences; 
  • Development of methods for structural diagnostics for interdisciplinary research on the source of synchrotron radiation and neutrons 
  • Basics and interdisciplinary problems of neutrino physics 
  • Nonlinear optics: methods of research with ultra-high spatial and temporal resolution 
  • The fundamentals of nano-micro-meso-macromechanics deformation and fracture 
  • Energy storage 
  • High performance computing and big data 
  • Energy materials 

Proposals submitted in other research areas will not be considered. 

Terms of the project grant 

For more information please see here 

Support is available for Joint Research in areas of basic sciences only. Joint research projects will be carried out by research teams from both countries. The team leaders must hold a full-time position at a university or research institute in their respective countries. Scientists are advised to submit only one project against this call. 

The duration of each project will be two years initially. After the completion of this period, an application for additional one year may be considered on the merit of the progress. 

The team leaders should submit an application to respective nodal agency, upon consultations, using the respective forms prescribed by DST and RFBR. Applications submitted by one side only; not on prescribed format and received after due date will not be accepted. Indian/Russian team leaders should, therefore, ensure that their counterpart submits an identical application on prescribed format as per guidelines of nodal agencies by due date. 

DST and RFBR will conduct parallel review of the applications respectively based on the agreed criteria. DST and RFBR will make joint decisions based on the review results. 

List of selected projects will be posted on website and in likely 

on 5th August, 2016. 

Successful Indian team leaders would be expected to complete various governmental 

requirements before commencement of the project. 

Expected Starting of Project: August, 2016 

Project leaders are required to submit Statement of Expenditure / Utilisation Certificate 

alongwith Project Technical report immediately after completion 1st and 2nd financial year. 

The funding for the selected projects will be provided in annual instalments. The second instalment for each project will be provided after receipt of financial documents, mentioned above, and on evaluation of intermediate technical reports, submitted by Indian and Russian researchers respectively to DST and RFBR and only if both reports are evaluated positively. 

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