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Joint call for proposals 2016 (Bio-Imaging and Bio-Informatics)

Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) and the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) announce a joint call for research projects 2016 focused on “Bio-Imaging and Bio-Informatics” in the following priority areas: 

- Data mining, pattern recognition, computer aided drug discovery 

- Analysis of drug reactions and toxicity 

- Computer design of the medicine compounds 

- Biosensor development analysis 

- Mechanism of secondary impact caused by medical preparations 

- Photodynamic therapy 

2. Requirements for participants.

Projects are to be carried out by individual scientists or groups of Russian and Indian scientists, which may include graduate and undergraduate students, but headed by respective Russian and Indian principle investigators (PIs). 

The PI should be a regular employee of the organization obliged to secure implementation of the project. 

The PI can be associated with only one project participating in the call. 

3. Submission of applications:

a) The Call participants in India apply for funding in accordance with the ICMR rules and the Russian applicants - in accordance with the RFBR rules, using their national agency’s own application forms. 

b) Russian and Indian participants of the projects should submit proposals containing information required by ICMR and RFBR respectively.

Indian investigators need to submit applications in prescribed format with other necessary documents (listed out on the ICMR website: - Guidance for international collaboration / research projects in health research). One advance copy may please be emailed to in MSWord format. 

Russian principal investigator must submit an application to the RFBR using electronic online application system KIAS - in accordance with the RFBR rules. 

4. Review and Selection Process 

All projects accepted for the call will be independently reviewed by RFBR and ICMR. 

The proposals’ review and assessments will be based on the selection criteria as follows: 

  • Scientific excellence/merit of the projects
  • Mutual advancement of research through the transfer of knowledge and expertise • Participation of young researchers
  • Ability of the teams to successfully complete the project.

5. Financial and other conditions
The duration of the projects under this call is a maximum of 3 years. The results and awardees of the competition will be announced in November, 2016. 

Funding for the awarded projects will be provided as per the required and approved budget for each project and as per the terms and conditions followed by ICMR and RFBR in their respective countries. Each side covers expenses of its national participants.
RFBR grant is envisaged to cover the expenses associated with the implementation of the project by the Russian scientists, the ICMR is responsible for the expenses of the Indian participants. All expenses of the Russian participants associated with the implementation of the project shall comply with the "list of research project's typical expenses". List of supported projects will be published on the Foundation's website. 

Russian and Indian awardees will have to submit intermediate and final reports according to the RFBR and ICMR rules.
The decision to continue funding of the project after its first year will be based on the results of reviewing intermediate reports. One of the key conditions for continuing of a project’s funding is timely presenting progress report along with joint publication(s) in a peer-reviewed journal(s).

Exchange visits under the joint projects shall not be more than 3 persons and not exceed 3 months duration from each side of the participants. 

Deadline for submission of completed applications – May 2, 2016 

Contact information: 

Asya Mirzabekova
Department of International Relations
Tel. :+7 (499) 995 14 69; e'mail:

Mr. S.K. Dey Biswas
Scientist G and Head
Bioinformatics Centre
Indian Council of Medical Research
Ansari Nagar, New Delhi -110 029, India Telefax:0091-11-26588587, e'mail: ICMR Website: 

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