Resource Center "Russia-India: Education, Science, Innovation"

What we do


1) Consulting/advising/analytics

  • possibilities of Russian-Indian cooperation in education, including vocational education and professional training;
  • possibilities of scientific collaboration of institutions, scientific teams and scientists of Russia and India;
  • possibilities of technological and innovation cooperation of science and educational institutions, companies and individual innovators;
  • analysis of industries' needs/capacities/niches in Russia and India, including high-tech and innovation sectors;
  • advising on national, bilateral and multilateral (BRICS, SCO, etc.) programmes and initiatives in science, technology, education and innovation;
  • and many more.

2) Outreach and awareness-raising activiy

We provide information support and promotion of educational, S&T, and innovation events in Russia and India.

We make visible your event (conference, summer/winter schools, innovation projects, news on your achievements or requests for cooperation) for target audience in Russia or India.


3) Brockerage and matchmaking

We assist in finding partners for joint educational, S&T and innovation projects. 


4) Develop research of modern India by Russian students/scientists and of modern Russia by Indian  students/scientists.